Tips for Avoiding Electric Shock when Using Belden 8761 Wire

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Electrical

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If you are new to the field, you may have the misconception that working with low voltage cabling, such as Belden 8761 wire, will not present any type of shock hazard. The fact is that a 50-60 volt direct current is usually present on any idle tip-and-ring pair. In most cases, a ringing current of 90 volts alternating current (AC) will be present, and under some circumstances will deliver a significant electric shock. There are a number of accidents that have taken place due to the careless or improper handling of this type of cable. Failure to observe the proper safety guidelines is dangerous.

The good news is that when working with Belden 8761 wire there are a number of safety procedures you can follow to help you stay safe and injury free.

Use Insulated Tools when Working with 8761 Belden Style Cable

It is important that you ensure all tools that you use with working with Belden 8761 wire are insulated, and avoid any contact with the bare terminals and the grounded surfaces.

Disconnect Existing Power Supplies

It is important that you disconnect any power service while you are working on the standard 8761 Belden style cable. This will ensure that you will not be at risk of being shocked or cause damage to the items that are currently being powered by the wire.

Avoid Cutting through Hidden Wire

If you are going to be doing any type of drilling or cutting, it is essential that you not accidently drill or cut into a concealed pipe or wiring. This will require you to make a small inspection cut prior to beginning the actual work that you have to do.

Use Caution Running Belden 8761 near Metallic Siding

When you are running Belden 8761 wire near or on metallic siding, it is essential that you check the location for any type of stray voltage. On any type of metal trailer or home that has a metallic surface, it is important that you always test for any type of stray voltage and be sure that you bond to ground prior to starting your work.

Keep Wire Away From Any Other Power Sources

It is important that you keep your Belden 8761 wire away from any type of hot water pipe, steam, transformer, antenna or lightening rod, as well as heating ducts.

When you use the tips here, you will be able to avoid any type of dangerous situation arising when using Belden 8761 wire. For more help or information, you can check out the Electric Wire and Cable Specialists website, where you can learn from the pros.

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