Troubleshooting heater repair Arlington TX

by | Jan 16, 2012 | Repair and Service

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Texas is known for being rather warm, but there can be a distinct chill in the air during the winter months. That means, when you need your heater to run, you want it to be ready to keep you warm. When you kick your heater on for the first time each year, you may find that it has some issues. That is when you will have to look into heater repair Arlington, TX in order to ensure that you will stay warm all winter long.

Most gas furnaces are large boxes that do several things. They take in cold air, clean it through an air filter, heat the air up, and then distribute the air through the house through the ductwork with a blower motor. This may sound simple enough but any one of those things can malfunction and cause the heater not to work and your home to grow cold. Some furnaces even have humidifiers to moisten the air before distributing it through the house to keep it from getting too dry.

When something goes wrong with your heater, there are a few heater repair Arlington, TX things you can do to troubleshoot before you call for help. The first thing you w ill want to do is check the pilot light. Sometimes, the repair is as simple as relighting the pilot. Some conventional furnaces may also have electronic ignitions that need to be restarted. If you try these things and still have no luck, your problem may be a bit more complicated.

Furnaces that work on a highly efficiency manner are actually harder to repair and troubleshoot that conventional furnaces. The difference is in the way the heat is combusted and extracted. Efficiency furnaces have a better combustion process, though both types use gas burners to heat the air. If you have a standard furnace, there are several things you can look at before calling a professional to help with heater repair Arlington, TX.

First, your heater may not be kicking on simply because you have the thermostat set too low for the heat to run. Or, your thermostat may not be working at all. Also check to see if a circuit breaker or perhaps a fuse has been tripped or completely blown. IT is possible also that the natural gas control valve is closed. If you have checked all of these things and still do not feel any heat coming into your house, you will likely need to call in a professional to help you with heater repair Arlington, TX.

Once your init is fixed, make sure you maintain it on a regular basis so you will not have to do more repairs in the near future. is a heating and cooling website that is based in the city of Arlington within the state of Texas.

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