What do Electrical Contractors do?

by | Oct 18, 2012 | Electronics

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Electrical contractors are professional who wire homes, businesses and many other buildings so that they can have electrical power. These people install the electrical systems including the wiring, but they can also rewire older buildings that have been damaged or are being remodeled. Some of the electrical contractors have affiliations with trade unions while others are independent contractors.

When electrical contractors place bids on jobs, they will review the blueprints for the building. The floor plan will reveal the needs for the building in terms of electricity and the contractor can then locate where the electrical panels, outlets, switches, and circuit breakers need to know. There might also be a need for special areas that need backup wiring systems. The electrical contractors then meet with the general contractor to talk over any special needs of the project at hand before the eventual bid is prepared.

Once the bid is accepted, electrical contractors will have to prepare the wiring that will be installed into the walls and connect the wires to the right components. These wires should be checked for safety along the way and they also need to comply with any codes for the type of building they are going into. In order to perform this aspect of the job efficiently, electrical contractors need a variety of tools like wire strippers, pliers, hacksaws, and screwdrivers.

Electrical contractors also often use power tools like staple guns, drills, and saws to help them attach the large wires to the inside of the walls without breaking through the casings that surround the wires. Once the wiring system is installed, the contractors will have to test the connections with various electrical measuring tools.

Electrical contractors have expanded their services over the years since telecommunication and even security systems are often added to buildings. Some of the installations now include fiber optic as well as coaxial cables to help businesses and homes hook up computers and other telecommunication devices. These services also have expanded to include fire and security alarm systems, streetlights, and items like intercoms.

In order to become an electrical contractor, individuals have to go through an apprenticeship program through a trade union or a contracting company. Trade schools often offer these programs for those who wish to go on into the field. Some contractors even get qualified through online programs and then combine that education with on the job training work later.

Since buildings and homes continue to go up, the need for electrical contractors has increased over the years. The job generally pays pretty well and is in high demand so it is a good career path for interested parties to pursue and explore. Finding a good electrical contractor takes some research, but in a new home or building, the general contractor usually takes on the responsibility.

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