Enjoy Something Sweet with the Fun Flavors of Vapor E Cig Juice

Have you ever had a craving for something that you loved as a kid, but know that it’s not healthy for you anymore? If you have, and that craving was for your favorite candy or sweet treat, then you really need to try out the nostalgic candy flavors of vapor e cig juice.

Not all companies make sweet candy flavored vapor e cig juice, but when you find your favorite kind, it’s amazing how you can taste the sweet and mouthwatering nicotine juices in your mouth. How fun and tasty!

Flavors of Vapor E Cig Juice

There are some candy flavors that will remain your favorites for a lifetime. If you’re craving something sweet after a big lunch or dinner, vapor e cig juice is a great alternative to sweets. You may even want to try out more than one of these amazing varieties.

Black licorice and caramel candy are popular sweet e cig juice flavors. These flavors pair well with a cup of coffee after a meal. It’s a perfect way to taste the flavors you love without consuming the calories that you don’t want from sugar.

A Blast from the Past

Sometimes you may have a craving for a fruity sweet taste, similar to those jellied fruit slices or those cool little fruity fish that you just couldn’t wait to buy at the movies. You can’t talk candy without mentioning cinnamon hearts, candied apples or delicious bubble gum flavors.

For a slightly more refined sweet treat, you may want to try out the berries and cream flavor vapor or perhaps a decadent butter pecan e-juice, perfect for any time of day.

Mt. Baker Vapor brand e cig juice is a great example of how creative nicotine juice flavors can be. By browsing online, you will find all your favorite tastes from the past. So just sit back and enjoy yourself guilt and calorie free.

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