Eclipse Shades: Science for the Masses

by | May 18, 2015 | Shopping

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Solar eclipses are fascinating to witness. Huge astral events thousands and millions of miles away from earth take place as planets move and dance in space. Traditional methods to view solar events leave a lot to the imagination.

It is not possible to gaze on the sun with the naked eye. Most methods of sheltering the eye are too inefficient to protect against damage. It is imperative to protect eyes from damaging light radiation.

Modern technology provides a new and safe way to see the sun. Eclipse Shades are made with various layers of polymers and filters to block out 99 to 100% of harmful light. It is not possible to look at or near the sun. People are drawn to solar eclipses because they believe that reduced light during the event makes it safe. The sun still holds danger leading up to, during and after the event.

New eclipse shades often resemble 3D viewing glasses. Lenses are easily made to fit within thick paper or cardboard frames. Benefits to consumer and company include

* Lower costs of production
* Easier packaging and shipping
* Convenient and lightweight
* Single use or multiple uses
* Recyclable
* Repurpose able


Any company or group can purchase personalized sets of eclipse shades. Since solar events only happen every few years or so, many people create special functions for employees, school, church groups or any other interest. Families also have the option to add a personal touch to the special viewing occasion.

Observatories, museums, scientific groups, grade schools, colleges, all have marketing opportunities to print their logo directly on the shades. People will want to use them to view the solar eclipse. Seeing a name, date and title on the glasses will help customers remember the event.

Science for the Masses

Engaging people in science events takes skill and dedication. Although being part of the science community usually takes years of education, there are still others out there who may wish to be a part of it somehow. Thousands of kids throughout the country lack the opportunities to participate. These activates could benefit their future but are left out because of short funding or overall low interest.

When solar eclipses do occur, eclipse shades offer safe and highly affordable options to involve as many people as possible. Entire communities have a chance to create special events surrounded by science activities to promote learning.

Community centers and local museum or science organizations can generate new avenues of exploration by inviting local children to participate. Educating kids and parents alike create new bonds in families and schools.

Local colleges and universities can also hold these events. This has exceptional value to children by exposing them to the possibility of college careers. Parents are better involved and are more knowledgeable about career choices for their children. Therefore, become a positive role model and active member of their lives.

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